I create courses at the intersection of systems, psychology & technology... helping pioneer the future of entrepreneurship, productivity & wellness.

Magalie Kayrouz
Magalie Kayrouz

Viral Marketing Specialist

"Working with Kevin has been instrumental for my business and has helped streamline our processes, cut costs, and boost sales; all in less than 6 weeks.

His expertise not only expanded my business' success, but it has transformed my mind and shown me what 'success' actually looks like for me.

I HIGHLY recommend any business owner looking to improve their operations, increase profitability, and ultimately live a more fulfilling life work with Kevin."

Anton Mackey
Anton Mackey

Men's Mindset Coach

"Before working with Kevin I knew I had a limited mindset and I didn't know how to truly elevate the experience I was trying to offer my clients.

Since working with Kevin, I've been able to break free from cycles of belief that did not serve me, spark creativity, and create new transformational offerings.

I feel I've tapped into my businessman within and Kevin's knowledge and guidance make me excited because I have someone who is where I want to be."

Sam Davis
Sam Davis

Online FitPro Strategist

"When I started working with Kevin I was a procrastinator and had limiting beliefs that prevented my from launching my life's work in a course.

After just one strategy session, Kevin was able to uncover the root cause of my belief and made it tangible for me so I could process it effectively.

After giving me me strict guideline to create and launch the course before the end of that month... and I got my first sale within 30 minutes of launching."


Trauma - a trigger word in our society... yet it doesn't exist.

Merely a label some place on a specific reference point in time to justify why they have yet to create the life of their dreams.

I lost my mother to cancer at 17, best friend at 19, and got 2 DUIs while drinking myself into oblivion during the darkest point of life.

Some would never have recovered, yet I knew these experiences were happening for me & would be a blessing.

I went on to play Ice Hockey semi-professionally, acted professionally for both Stage & Film, opened properties for a Fortune 500 hospitality company, have traveled to 35+ countries to date, and founded 4 companies.

My past has uniquely prepared me to design my own destiny, and redefine what it means to care for others along the way.

I now write about systems, psychology & technology, maintain a select list of private clients, facilitate 6 international wellness retreats per year & have equity in a handful of companies.

Design simply, live intentionally & create authentically.

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